About Me


About Me

Hi! I'm Jess. I am in my early twenties and live in the UK, England. I am bisexual. I have 4 tattoos!

I adore nature and animals and I am currently studying for a Level 3 Animal Management Diploma at college. 

I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, a betta fish, 6 cory catfish, 2 guppies and a school of tetras. Also soon to have a leopard gecko!

I have always had a creative bone in my body but nothing to really itch it with. I found @BugGirlOfficial on Twitter about 2 years ago and have loved her work since then. I finally got the courage to try resin for the first time in July of 2019 and have been loving it ever since!

As well as resin art, I enjoy making jewelry with charms and painting pottery. In the future, I am looking to learn how to make plushies and candles.